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Fiscal year 2020 Press Releases
Release Date Press Release # Category Abbreviated Title
Sepetember 21, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-121 Press Release 

Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Two Lots of NP Thyroid®, Thyroid Tablets, USP Due to Sub Potency

September 17, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-120 Press Release The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation Receives Flu Vaccines
June 27, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-119 Press Release CHCC and PSS Host School-Based Immunization Outreach
July 25, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-118 Press Release The CHCC Immunization Program Student Outreach Initiative
July 17, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-115 Health Advisory Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (CFP) in the CNMI
July 15, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-114 Health Advisory Three (3) passengers test positive for COVID-19 on scheduled fifth day test
July 12, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-113 Health Advisory First COVID-19 Diagnosis Identified for Tinian
July 8, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-112 Press Release CHCC Pilots Mobile Text Messaging to Improve Health Outcomes
July 8, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-111 Press Release FAQs About Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
June 26, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-110 Press Release Tinian Health Center Continues to Improve Operations
June 24, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-109 Health Advisory Recent travelers reminded to make appointment date for testing after arrival
June 23, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-108 Press Release Exciting Updates for CNMI WIC Participants
June 16, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-107 Health Advisory Updated: CHCC Issues Guidance for Restaurants/Bars at Level BLUE
June 11, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-106 Press Release Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid
June 9, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-105 Health Advisory CNMI Cumulative COVID-19 Total Now at 30
June 8, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-104 Health Advisory One (1) Passenger at Quarantine Site tests positive
June 7, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-103 Health Advisory One Additional Passenger Tests Positive for COVID-19
June 4, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-102 Health Advisory Two new cases of COVID-19 in the CNMI
June 4, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-101 Health Advisory Total cases for COVID-19 in the CNMI now at 24
June 2, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-100 Health Advisory One (1) Passenger Tests Positive for COVID-19
June 2, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-099 Health Advisory CHCC Successfully Issues 23 Certifications of Compliance
May 29, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-098 Health Advisory CHCC Issues Guidance for Restaurants
May 21, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-097 Health Advisory One new COVID-19 case in the CNMI
May 20, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-095 Health Advisory Update for Incoming and Outgoing Travelers for the CNMI
May 20, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-094 Public Notice CHCC Prepares for New Normal
May 16, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-096 Health Advisory Two new COVID-19 cases in the CNMI
May 15, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-093 Health Advisory Update on the CNMI Community-Based COVID-19 Testing Initiative
May 11, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-092 Health Advisory Three new cases of COVID-19
May 11, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-089 Press Release CHCC Celebrates National Hospital Week
May 9, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-091 Health Advisory MCATS now available in response to COVID-19
May 9, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-090 Health Advisory One new COVID-19 confirmed case in the CNMI
May 7, 2020 Gov's COVID-19 Task Force Press Release Temporary Suspension of Community-Based Testing Initiative
May 6, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-088 Health Advisory Presumptive positive case is confirmed positive for COVID-19
May 5, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-087 Health Advisory One (1) presumptive positive case in the CNMI
April 27, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-084 Health Advisory CNMI to begin community-based testing for COVID-19
April 25, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-083 Health Advisory STOP THE SPREAD! CHCC Contact Tracers in Action
April 18, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-082 Health Advisory First COVID-19 case confirmed at CHCC Lab
April 14, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-081 Health Advisory Two new COVID-19 Cases
April 14, 2020 Gov's COVID-19 Task Force Press Release 20,000 Test Kits
April 8, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-078 Health Advisory COVID-19 Testing Update
April 8, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-080 Health Advisory Three new COVID-19 confirmed cases
April 7, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-079 Health Advisory Second COVID-19 patient passes away
April 6, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-077 Health Advisory Travelers to be released from COVID-19 quarantine facility
April 6, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-075 Public Notice Cancer Center Relocation
April 4, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-076 Health Advisory Face masks and DIY face coverings
April 2, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-074 Health Advisory Two new COVID-19 confirmed cases in the CNMI
April 2, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-069 Press Release BEH Ratings February 2020
April 1, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-073 Health Advisory Four new COVID-19 confirmed cases in the CNMI
March 31, 2020 Gov's COVID-19 Task Force Press Release One patient suspected of COVID-19 passes away
March 31, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-072 Public Notice Correction: CHCC Changes Visiting Hours and Caregivers 
March 28, 2020 Gov's COVID-19 Task Force Press Release Two cases confirmed for COVID-19 Hours for businesses
March 27, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-071 Health Advisory Quarantine Continues for Incoming Travelers
March 21, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-068 Health Advisory COVID-19 Update 2: Specimen Negative
March 19, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-067 Health Advisory COVID-19 Update: Specimen Negative
March 19. 2020 CHCC-PR-20-066 Public Notice Dialysis Caregivers Update
March 18, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-065 Health Advisory COVID-19 Update for CNMI
March 13, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-064 Press Release COVID-19 Update 9: Specimen Sent for Testing 
March 13, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-053 Press Release CHCC Implementing BioFire
March 12, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-062 Press Release CHCC Celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week
March 11, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-058 Public Notice New Check-In Kiosks for FCC and Women's Clinic
March 10, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-063 Public Notice Upcoming Public Meetings for COVID-19
March 10, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-061 Public Notice Screening at CHCC Entry Points
March 9, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-060 Public Notice Revised Visiting Hours at CHCC
March 6, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-059 Health Advisory COVID-19 Update 8: Suspected Case NEGATIVE
March 5, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-056 Health Advisory COVID19 Update 7: Specimen Sent for Testing
March 2, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-057 Public Notice Billing Office Consolidation
February 25, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-055 Public Notice CHCC Services Not Considered Under Public Charge Rule
February 24, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-052 Public Notice CGC Offices to Relocate Back to Lower Navy Hill
February 21, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-054 Health Advisory COVID-19 Update: Suspected Case NEGATIVE
February 20, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-049 Press Release BEH Establishment Ratings January 2020
February 14, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-050 Press Release Upcoming Doc Talk with Dr. Brett
February 13, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-051 Public Notice WIC Services Not Included in Public Charge Rule
February 10, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-045U Press Release CCP YUTU Services to End February 11
February 10, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-048 Health Advisory Coronavirus Update 5: Specimen Sent for Testing
February 7, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-047 Press Release CCP YUTU Self Care Day on Tinian
February 5, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-043 Press Release BEH to Participate in NACCHO Mentorship Program
February 4, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-046 Health Advisory Coronavirus Update 4
February 3, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-044 Public Notice Physical Therapy Expanded Hours
January 31, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-042 Health Advisory Coronavirus Update 3
January 30, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-040 Public Notice HIV/STD Program Relocation to Main Campus
January 28, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-041 Press Release No Coronavirus Case in CNMI (Rumor Control 2)
January 24, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-039 Press Release CHCC Addresses Rumors Circulating About Coronavirus (RC1)
January 22, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-038 Health Advisory Update on Coronavirus Outbreak (CU2)
January 17, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-037 Health Advisory CHCC Monitoring Outbreak of Coronavirus (CU2)
January 10, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-036 Press Release BEH Establishment Ratings November-December 2019
January 7, 2020 CHCC-PR-20-035 Public Notice Children's Clinic to Open on Saturdays for Appointments
December 17, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-034 Press Release CHCC 'Doc Talk' this Thursday 
December 13, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-033 Public Notice Updates to WIC Authorized Vendors
December 12, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-032 Press Release CDC PHAP Associate
December 10, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-028 Press Release CHCC SANE Team Refreshes Skills
December 6, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-027 Press Release CHCC to Implement New Electronic Vital Registration System
December 4, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-031 Health Advisory Consumers Warned Against Romaine Lettuce
December 3, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-029 Press Release Season of Giving
November 28, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-030 Press Release World AIDS Day
November 26, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-026 Health Advisory Protect Against the Flu: Vaccinate!
November 25, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-024 Press Release BEH Pesticide Certification
November 21, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-025 Press Release BEH Establishment Ratings October 2019
November 20, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-023 Press Release WHO Regional Director Visits CNMI
November 19, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-021 Press Release CHCC Observes American Diabetes Awareness Month
November 15, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-022 Press Release CHCC Holds LGBTQ Workshops
November 5, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-020 Public Notice EMT Simulation Exercise
November 1, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-018 Press Release Guest Chef Series: Poki Yaki
October 28, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-017 Health Advisory Protect Against Measles
October 24, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-012 Health Advisory BEH Establishment Ratings September 2019
October 23, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-016 Press Release My Hero Contest
October 22, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-015 Health Advisory Outpatient Services Open at Noon
October 21, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-014 Health Advisory Typhoon Bualoi Update 2
October 20, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-013 Health Advisory Typhoon Bualoi Update 1
October 15, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-011 Press Release CCP YUTU Volunteers with CNMI VALOR Program
October 11, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-010 Public Notice Parking Limited While Solar Power Project Underway
October 10, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-007 Health Advisory Vaping-Related Lung Injury Investigation Continues
October 9, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-009 Health Advisory Typhoon Hagibis Update 4
October 8, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-008 Health Advisory Typhoon Hagibis Update 3
October 7, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-006 Health Advisory Typhoon Hagibis Update 2
October 6, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-005 Health Advisory Typhoon Hagibis Update 1
October 4, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-002 Health Advisory CHCC Continues to Monitor Pacific Dengue Outbreaks
October 3, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-003 Press Release Grants Management Office Wins ASTHO Vision Award
October 2, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-004 Press Release Coding Personnel Pass CPC Exam
October 1, 2019 CHCC-PR-20-001 Press Release CHCC Staff Undergo Training to Foster 'Just Culture'

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